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New Paper analysis

New Paper analysis - LandonFreeman Dr.Goddard...

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Landon Freeman Dr. Goddard 11/10/11 Final Source Analysis Assignment Religion and violence have been huge topics discussed ever since the world has been spinning. The question is how do they relate to each other or can they even relate to another? Here are a couple of stories where the authors describe times in history when religion and violence relates to each other. The stories discussed below are Defense of Christianity, Urban II’s Call For The First Crusade, Charlemagne’s Wars of Conquest, Massacre of Jews, and Aztec Account of The Spanish Conquest. Even though the barbarians came to capture and attack the City of God, St. Augustine states that God used this to show his great mercy and goodness upon the Christian people. During the attacks the religious churches and other holy buildings served as a place of refuge for the holy and unholy. The moment that the barbarians reached these holy places they immediately stopped attacking the town’s people (P). Augustine states, “Even these ruthless men, who in other places customarily indulged their ferocity against enemies, put a rein to their murderous fury and curbed their mania for taking captives, the moment they reached the holy places (DQ).” God touched these evil attackers hearts so they would not attack the people by the holy buildings, showing Gods ultimate mercy and goodness. Augustine also says that the men of Gods city were viewing the war in the wrong way. The sufferings from war were not a punishment, but a way to use war to reform the
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corrupt lives of men (P). This was also another way that God showed his goodness through the war, by reforming and changing lives of the people that lived there. Also, during the war the evil barbarians did not rape the women or capture any of the village people (P). This was another way that God showed his mercy. It was God who touched these bloodthirsty barbarians to show mercy on their enemies (P). In Urban’s II Call For The First Crusade, the Muslim’s conquest of the Christian cities results in total unity of fellow Christians rallying together to follow Christ’s call to tack back their land. The Fulcher of Chartes was pursuing “all people” whatever rank foot soldiers or knights, the rich or the poor to assist the Christians to defeat the enemy and conquer the land that they once owned (P). He was calling
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New Paper analysis - LandonFreeman Dr.Goddard...

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