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Unformatted text preview: reflection of divine glory (DQ).” The captured Jews also cried out and said, “Happy are we if we do His will. Happy is anyone who is killed or slaughtered, who dies for the unity of His name (DQ).” They continued saying they will leave this world of darkness for the world of light, a world of trouble to a world full of joy (P). All the Jews were captured so they turned to violence against themselves offering their bodies to God. They were full of joy while they did this because they were following His will and they were about to leave this evil world to the Heavens God created for them. Because of their faith, they were filled with joy in a time covered with blood. Even though the Aztecs worshiped and made a model statue of their idol Huitzilpochtli, it did not protect them from the Spaniards. The Mexicans put a lot of time in making this great statue to honor their god. They dressed it in rich feathers and other valuable things like gold and fine stones. The whole town had a huge fiesta in honor of the statue that they had made filled with many dances and activities (P). R...
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