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Unformatted text preview: ight in the middle of the fiesta the Spaniards “were seized with a urge to kill the celebrants (DQ).” It says “They attacked all of the celebrants, stabbing them, spearing them, and striking them with their sword (DQ).” Even though it specifically did not say why the Aztecs were worshiping and building the statue, it definitely did not help against their enemies. The Aztecs were all killed and the Spaniards took all of their belongings, no thanks to their statue that they made. These theses are all different, but they can connect in a way. Religion and violence is obviously the common theme between them but they also have deeper connections and differences. In all of the stories the people have put their faith in something where it be God or a statue. In St. Augustine’s story and in Urban’s story God rallies his people together in unity, to change the hearts of the Christians and to show his magnificent glory and mercy. They both put their faith and trust in God in a troubling time of violence, which helps them grow closer to God and each other. Both of these stories differ because God used two different ways to show his purpose of the wars. He showed his mercy and grace in the first story to change the lives of many and in the second story he unified the Christians together for the same purpose. The story about the forty‐three years war betw...
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