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Unformatted text preview: were always ready to break the promises that they made (P). It says in the reading that, “Hardly a year passed in which they did not vacillate between surrender and defiance (DQ).” After the end of the forty‐three year war the Saxons finally adopted the Christian faith and were then united with the Franks and became friends with them (P). This shows that if the Saxons were not devil worshipers and adopted the Christian faith earlier the battle would not have been as long. Because of their faith in God, joy and happiness comes to the captured Jews just before they were about to die. In the “Massacre of Jews” the enemy Edomites captured the Jews and kept them altogether in a courtyard. The Jews recognized that they were about to be killed so they thought that the best thing to do was to kill themselves and offer their bodies to God (P). To one another they said, “Let us be strong and let us bear the yoke of the holy religion, for only in this world can the enemy kill us. But we, our souls in paradise, shall continue to live eternally, in the great shining...
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