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Assignment 2 Outline

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Unformatted text preview: a, hh, dd, numPoints) : return 3.2 – 0.4 * aa, 0.16 + 0.3 * aa Remember, you will not get the right answer this way, but you can get your output working so that the table looks approximately right. You can also ensure that you find and print the chain length associated with the smallest force in the table. 4 Note that the angle θ returned from angleWithPost is in radians. You must convert it to degrees to print in the table. COMP 1012 Winter 2014 Assignment 2 Page 5 of 9 4. Next replace the stub version of angleWithPost with the actual function angleWithPost as described in the function list below. To do so, you will need to call chainPoints and chainLength. We recommend that you stub out these calls. For chainPoints, return a list of three points that you code explicitly. For chainLength, return max(xs) – min(xs) + max(ys) – min(ys). Don’t do this development in a separate script file. Do it in the file where you have an already working main script. 5. Finally, complete the last two functions, chainPoints and chainLength, one at a time. Sample Output: Match this as closely as possible. Your chain lengths will not be identical, but should cover about the same range. FINDING THE LEAST NET FORCE ON THE SUPPORT OF A CHAIN FENCE CONSTANTS Supports are at +/- 0.980 [m] from centre of chain Supports are 1.100 [m] high Gravitational acceleration: 9.XXX [m/s^2] Chain linear density 2.000 [kg/m] Number of points in chain: XXXXX TOTAL FORCE O...
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