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98 m and h 110 m and the density of the chain set

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Unformatted text preview: ration due to gravity at the earth’s surface, and the unit newtons is the same as kg.m/s2. From the similar triangles in Figure 3 we can determine the net force, |Fnet|, on a support3; by symmetry this magnitude will be the same for each support, though the horizontal forces will always point inward, so they will be in opposite directions at the two posts. (4) | | | | | = tan( ) = | | = cos( ) | = tan | |= | | cos( ) 3 The magnitude of the horizontal force can be determined in a similar way. COMP 1012 Winter 2014 Assignment 2 Page 4 of 9 What to do Write a script file (program) that produces output as similar as you can to the sample output on the next page. You will define some functions to achieve this result, as shown in the following structure chart. A structure chart shows which functions call which functions, so inside angleWithPost there is a call to chainPoints. All the functions are defined in your script file at the left margin. Figure 4: Structure Chart Showing Calls to Functions in the Program Do the following steps in order, one at a time. Do not try to write the entire program all at once. It will likely have several errors and as a result will be hard to debug. 1. Set up your script file so that it contains the initial comments and the final termination output, as described in the Programming Standards document. In this program write the instructions to print the termination output in a function you will define to be called showTermination. Call sh...
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