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Assignment 2 Outline

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Unformatted text preview: Decreasing 2.42 35.25 29.04 Decreasing 2.47 33.40 29.00 Decreasing 2.53 31.55 29.06 Increasing 2.59 29.70 29.22 Increasing 2.66 27.87 29.50 Increasing 2.74 26.06 29.89 Increasing 2.83 24.28 30.42 Increasing 2.93 22.53 31.09 Increasing 3.04 20.83 31.91 Increasing COMP 1012 Winter 2014 Assignment 2 Page 6 of 9 The minimum force occurs for chain length about 2.47 m Programmed by the Instructors Date: Thu Feb 6 11:39:29 2014 End of processing Functions Here is how the work in the program should be divided. • Main script: This code is at the end of the file, so all the functions are defined before it is executed. It does all the output in the program. It defines the constants. Look up an accurate value for gravitational acceleration and cite your source. Use enough points so that you get an accurate length. This code loops over a values to define chains of various lengths. (Hint: increases in a cause decreases in chain length.) It calls angleWithPost to determine the chain length and angle between the chain and the post for each a. It converts the angle returned to degrees. It cal...
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