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Coli e coli dies bc it gets lysed phenotypic effect

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Unformatted text preview: d randomly Induced mutations Luria- Delbruck fluctuation test - prove that mutations do occur spontaneously - it’s an adaptive situation use T1 bacteriophage when it affects E. coli ,E. coli dies b/c it gets LYSED phenotypic effect of mutations loss- of- function – caused by an active production of a protein that masks this function Conditional mutations: depends on the environment in which the organism finds itself Ex; temperature sensitive mutation Nucleic Acid Chemistry 1. Tautomeric shifts a. Isomerization of these nitrogen bases i. This could result in mutation ii. Keto and enol forms Depurination Second source of DNA mutation Polymerase errors: - insertion of an incorrect base - insertion of a base analog 10/17/2011 Base analogs can s...
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