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CHEMISTRY 152c 4\ FINALEXAM(A) Winter '06 Monday, March 13, 2006 Name: TA Section: Student No: TA Name: Score (page) 1 2 (Good luck-watch sig figs and units!) I. Short Answer: answer any twenty (20) of the following (-4 pts each) 1. (TIF) Which of the following statements is true (T) or false (F): (a) In an irreversible cyclical process, the system returns to its original state, but the universe does not. (b) All spontaneous processes increase the disorder of the system. 2. (TIF) The measured percentage ionic character of the bond in real diatomic molecules is o__bserved to vary from zero % (purely covalent) to l00% (purely ioni7 LJ hTem+fl+-
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3. Consider the following reaction sequence: (a) A 3 2B (b) B -+ C +D (c) E 3 2D In terms of the individual reaction enthalpies (AH(a), etc), write an expression for the enthalpy of reaction AH(rxn) for the reaction 4. The molec~~le B2 spontaneously forms from two separated B - atoms 3 &H st--> (a) Predict the signs of: AH', Aso, and AGO (b) Would this reaction become non-spontaneous at much higher or much lower temperature? * ]Lri-& ; J lsrj~ r Id( f4 -(hni&t '--f-J d \ * *IULIW r~u &~Ly,'3 W4-k 5.
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gammon152_win06_final_key - CHEMISTRY 152c Winter '06 Name:...

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