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When a question asks you to explain it means exactly

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Unformatted text preview: e quote from. When a question asks you to "explain" it means exactly that. A few short phrases will not cut it. Write well. Revise, rethink, spell check, etc. Give yourself time. QUESTION SET Question Set: Chapter 9: Relationships with Romantic Partners 1. First, think about this: What type of love attitude do you have? Check out the Self-Quiz 2. 3. 4. 5. on page 285. Do it. Be honest. Second, you don't have to reveal your love attitude, BUT do discuss the love attitudes you want your romantic partner to have toward you. Is there any disconnect between your own attitudes and the attitudes you want? There are 6 factors discussed in regards to "Romantic Attraction" (beginning with "proximity"). Think of a romantic relationship you now have or once had. Either will work. Discuss how that relationship began in terms of the 6 factors? Did they all play an equal role? Which were primary for you (even if you didn't realize it at the time)? Were there other factors (not listed) involved? Are there any factors you would now be wary of if you were to begin a new relationship? Explain how can you communicate in ways that will overcome differentiating (there are at least 5 steps). On pg 310 is a "Focus on Culture" side-bar, titled: "Infidelity International." Read it and answer the Discussion Questions. Imagine that you know someone whom you fear is in an abusive relationship (see Table 9.3: Five Common Warning Signs of an Abusive Partner). By drawing from the text discussions, how would you advise that person?...
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