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Lid listinglid listing report the name of all seller

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Unformatted text preview: previous ones on the same listing. бB1.Price > B2.Price(ρB1(Bid)⋈B1.LID = B2.LID ∧ B1.time < B2.time ρB2(Bid))= ∅. Part 2: Queries 1. Report the name of all sellers, i.e., customers who have sold something. A listing is sold if at least one customer bids before the listing's expiry time. A := бBid.time < Listing.expiryTime (Bid⋈Bid.LID = Listing.LID Listing) Report the name of all seller := ∏Customer.name(A⋈Customer.CID = Listing.CID Customer). 2. Report the ID and the name of...
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