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Unformatted text preview: the seller with the highest reputation. If there are ties, report all of them. Rename R1 to := ρR1(∏ !"#, (Reputation⋈Reputation.CID = Customer.CID !"#$ Customer)) Rename R2 to R1 := ρR2(R1) Report the ID and the name of the seller with the highest reputation := ∏ !"#, (R1 - ρ !"#$ !".!"#!!!"#, !".!"#$!!!"#$ ( ∏ !".!"#, (бR2.number < R1.number !".!"#$ (R2×R1) ) ) ). 3. Report the second highest bid price of listing 14563. A := бCID = 14563 Bid...
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