5 - o Mute-ism can hear but not speak o Echolalia parrot...

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Schizophrenia 3/5/08 2 or more symptoms must be present for at least 6 months Must rule out symptoms due to substance abuse, mood disorder or head trauma o Delusions o Hallucinations o Negative symptoms o Disorganized speech o Disorganized thinking Paranoid most common o Prominent delusions or auditory hallucinations, aloof, distrustful irritability o Functions well besides delusions/hallucinations no thought disorder o Grandiose delusions (bipolar) vs. persecutory delusions (schizophrenia) o Onset average 25 years old Disorganized o Disorganized speech (thought disorder) loosening of associations, hard to follow train of thought, flat or inappropriate affect o Trouble with ADL’s (activities of daily living) hygiene, attire o Odd behaviors grimacing Attribute to schizophrenia or medication? o Significant negative outcome typically early, insidious (gradual) onset Catatonic o Motor immobility or excessive movements
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Unformatted text preview: o Mute-ism can hear but not speak o Echolalia parrot your speech, copy and imitate o Associated with significant negative prognosis • Undifferentiated o No predominate symptom symptoms across all 5 areas (mix of symptoms) o Person is slipping into schizophrenia (one of the other subtypes) therefore changing from one to another • Schizoform Disorder o When a person has symptoms of schizophrenia but the duration has been less than 6 months temporary state or eventually diagnosed with one of the states • Schizoaffective Disorder o Merging of schizophrenic symptoms and mood disorder (major depressive, bipolar or both) symptoms • Delusional Disorder o No hallucinations, no thought disorders, no bizarre behavior • Schizotypal Personality Disorder o Introverted, cognitive or perceptual distortions o Maybe a precursor to full-blown schizophrenia...
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5 - o Mute-ism can hear but not speak o Echolalia parrot...

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