SocialPsych 9.70 - #HumanDevelopment

insofar as possible time should be taken at the end

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Unformatted text preview: its, curmud­ geons) STAGE VIII: The aging parents. Developments in later years – up to and including the death of one spouse and then the other – not unsurprisingly tend to be shaped by earlier ones. In its final phase, the life cycle of a human social group may be experi­ enced in a similar way by at least some of its members. To be more pre­ cise, members tend to separate from groups in ways that are both disposi­ tionally and situationally influenced. Thus, all other things constant, our approaches to leavetaking tend to be fairly consistent for each of us from one situation to the next. For most people, endings are usually marked by a mixture of...
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