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SocialPsych 9.70 - #HumanDevelopment

last scene of all that ends this strange eventful

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Unformatted text preview: OF FAMILY AND GROUP DEVELOPMENT FAMILY OTHER GROUPS SPHERE OF SIGNIFI­ CANT SOCIAL RELA­ TIONS: humankind; ourkind MAIN DEVELOPMENTAL TASK: to be by virtue of having been; to deal with the prospect of not being STAGE VII: In the (once again dyadic) context of the "empty nest," relations between the parents/spouses are further tested. This phase may be marked by increased or renewed closeness between the parents or it may precipi­ tate what has been called "the twentyyear fracture." The nature and serious­ ness of family problems at this stage depends in part on the manner in which earlier stages turned out (how well or poorly crises were negotiated). It may also be determined by the emergence of conflict with new sets of "in-laws" acquired through children’s marriages, by parental illnesses, retire­ ments and grandparenthoods, etc. MAIN DEVELOPMENTAL CRISIS: integrity vs despair FAVORABLE OUTCOME: wisdom; compassion; acceptance ... Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history, Is second childishness, and mere oblivion. Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans everything. UNFAVORABLE OUTCOME: loss of interest; denial; rejec­ tion; withdrawal from world (grumpy old men; herm...
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