SocialPsych 9.70 - #HumanDevelopment

Are their any other boundary conditions to consider

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Unformatted text preview: OGICAL (psychosexual) (psychosocial development – 3–6 MONTHS: viewing personsgaze follows moving in-contexts) objects; eyes focus; M ODELS OF FAMILY AND GROUP DEVELOPMENT FAMILY OTHER GROUPS before us and desiring to pursue, instead, some other competing inter­ ests? Are their any other boundary conditions to consider? How well does it fit into your schedule? What is s/he instead)thinking? Is s/he experiencing any approach/avoidance conflict(s)? smiles; responsive to mother’s face, hand / mouth activity; head erect; social respon­ siveness; laughter; eyehand coordination; orality; binocularity; sits supported; legs bear weight; reaches; localizes sounds; explores; cries easily 6–12 MONTHS: STAGE II: STAGE II AT THE POINT OF ENTRY: responds to own image in mirror; babbles; squeals; apprehensive­ ness with strangers; in­ terest in people & toys; plays "peek-a-boo"; res­ ponsiveness to own na­ me and "no!"; moves from supine/sitting to prone; may begin cree­ ping/ crawling; approxi­ mates thumb and fore­ finger; supports own weight; vocalizes "ma" "ba" "da" etc.; social interest; independent movement; may walk with support; possible time of weaning; be­ gins to feed self; explo­ ratory behavior,...
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