SocialPsych 9.70 - #HumanDevelopment

Freer expression of thoughts and feelings in a social

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Unformatted text preview: d independ­ ence from family of origin SPHERE OF SIGNIFICANT SOCIAL RELATIONS: adult community apart from family of origin MAIN DEVELOPMENTAL TASK: to redefine one­ self in relation to sig­ nificant other(s) (dis­ tance regulation) MAIN DEVELOPMENTAL CRISIS: intimacy vs. social isolation FAVORABLE OUTCOME: solidarity with others; love; affiliation UNFAVORABLE OUTCOME: isolation, loneliness; alienation; anomie STAGE V: DIFFERENTIATION/ INTEGRATION: As evidence of competency grows (in terms both of intimacy and task orien­ tation), the cohesiveness of the system becomes increasingly apparent as does the somewhat paradoxical fact that group unity depends on the readiness, willingness and ability of the member­ ship to recognize that their own (for­ merly highly problematic) diversity as a source of their own great and unique strength. Freer expression of thoughts and feelings in a social con­ text that demands mutual respect and support and honest/forthright con­ structive criticism as well as positive feedback leads to a lessened preoccu­ pation with power problems. Leadership comes to be seen less and less as the power/responsibility of identifiable "leaders&qu...
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