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Lets agree to take the prototypical fa mily life

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Unformatted text preview: reason­ ably be expected to parallel generally those in other human systems at both the individual and the social levels. Let’s agree to take the prototypical "fa­ mily life cycle" as a process involving three successive generations, and to identify its beginning with the coming together of two young persons. Having reached, say, the GENITAL STAGE of psy­ chosexual development (as depicted in the columns to the left) they meet at a point in their lives at which (neuro-bio­ psycho-socio-culturally speaking) both are ready, willing and able to differen­ tiate enough from both their families of origin and their current peers in or­ der to form a family unit of their own. The point at which „boy meets girl” begins a process of courtship and indi­ cates the start of a new family system building process – which may take a variety of trajectories. The following entries trace a typical trajectory from the moment of courtship until the death of both spouses. INFANCY: STAGE I: SPHERE OF SIGNIFI­ CANT SOCIAL RELA­ TIONS: infant and primary caretaker (usually bio­ logical mother) The coming together ("engagement?") is an encounter (negotiation process) in which the two individuals must somehow reconcile many and varied traces of their respective...
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