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Preschooler stage iv sphere of signifi cant social

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Unformatted text preview: er to reach achieve the next developmental stage. PHALLIC PHASE: (note the gender bias implicit in Freud’s pre­ occupation with male psychosexual develop­ ment and penises): ge­ nitals become focus; in­ terest in sex differences and "where do babies come from?" and "how does the seed get in there?" etc. Freudian "Oedipal complex" pre­ sumes sexual identity of boys is significantly shaped by earlier inter­ actions with mother; sexualized imagery (if present in sufficient kinds and significant degrees sows seeds of anxiety, hysteria, ques­ tions about own sexu­ ality; phobias, rigidity; feelings of guilt, sha­ me, alienation, awk­ wardness, helplessness, and incapacity in inter­ personal relations. PRESCHOOLER: STAGE IV: SPHERE OF SIGNIFI­ CANT SOCIAL RELA­ TIONS: family and nursery school or daycare The partial exit of the first child from the immediate world of the family unit and his/her entry into the larger world of the neighborhood, local com­ munity and school (or daycare) initi­ ates another shift in parental relations. As the child begins to move toward relative independence, both parents and child(ren) continue to participate in sharing (consciously or otherwise) thoughts and feelings, and do...
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