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Puberty adolescent stage v puberty major growth spurt

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Unformatted text preview: moil). In continuing pursuit of an open and negotiable learning process, the sys­ tem as a whole should be steered through a supportive and flexible series of tasks and activities while con­ stantly discussing and attempting to clarify the thoughts and feelings (both negative and positive) that are being engendered. Power and responsibility for directing the group formation process must continue to be shared in the face of fluctuating individual and collective performance. page 5 of 6 M ODELS OF INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT SHAKESPEARE PHYSICAL / FREUD ERIKSON As You Like It BIOLOGICAL (psychosexual) (psychosocial) M ODELS OF FAMILY AND GROUP DEVELOPMENT FAMILY OTHER GROUPS 12–18 YEARS: ...And then the lover, Sighing like a furnace, With a woeful ballad Made to his mistresses eyebrow. PUBERTY: ADOLESCENT: STAGE V: puberty; major growth spurt occurs earlier; gradual/sudden appearance of second­ ary sexual characteris­ tics; increasing differ­ entiation/integration of personal mental and behavioral characteris­ tics (attitudes, beliefs and values, actions, practices) characterize "adolescence" return or reactivation of phallic phase cou­ pled with sexual matu­ ration; depending on prior experience acquired in earlier stages, narcissistic object love (see Shakespeare’s descrip­ tion) may or may not become focus SPHERE OF SIGNIFICANT SOCIAL RELATIONS: peer groups; same and opposite sexes The par...
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