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The likeli hood of dropouts is quite high here 1218

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Unformatted text preview: ated aim), it is appropriate at this point for leadership: • to allow – indeed, to sup­ port – the need for group members to maintain their distance; • to let them approach at their own speed, while at the same time inviting trust; • to facil­ itate exploration of substantive curricu­ lar topics while stimulating/entertain­ ing discussion of commitment issues; • to provide information regarding the demand characteristics of the situa­ tion, goals and objectives. The likeli­ hood of dropouts is quite high here. 12–18 MONTHS: vocabulary; negativism; turns pages; climbs; plays; builds; scribbles; runs; hand preference; follows directions; 3-4­ word phrases; points/ turns toward named ob­ jects; dressing ability; alternates between inde­ pendent and depend­ ent activity; obeys and disobeys instructions page 3 of 6 M ODELS OF INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT SHAKESPEARE PHYSICAL / FREUD ERIKSON As You Like It BIOLOGICAL (psychosexual) (psychosocial) M ODELS OF FAMILY AND GROUP DEVELOPMENT FAMILY OTHER GROUPS 18–36 MONTHS: ANAL PHASE: TODDLER: STAGE III: continuing postnatal myelinization of spinal cord; capacity for bladder/bowel control retentiveness/explo­ siveness; possessive­ ness; anal zone becomes focus in con­ nection with "power and control" issues in connection with toilet training and/or matu­ ration; child experi­ ences pleasure from anal "holding in" and "letting go;" control­ ling/appropriately releasin...
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