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SocialPsych 9.70 - #HumanDevelopment

What social influences are play ing upon her or him

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Unformatted text preview: opment of other human social systems. STAGE I: PREAFFILIATION: Consider the situation of an MIT undergraduate student poised, so to speak, at or before the actual point of entry into a particular classroom on the first day of a new spring term at MIT. What social influences are play­ ing upon her or him? Has s/he arrived, at least at a provisional deci­ sion to consider committing to this class? Given that this one was chosen from among a number of other possi­ ble HASS elective classes to attend, are there still likely to be some unresolved commitment issues? How about per­ sonal and social demand characteris­ tics of the upcoming semester? Is s/he operating under any significant aca­ demic/extracurricular constraints/ fore­ seeable time conflicts? How (in what ways) and how much (to what extent) is her/his readiness, willingness and ability to act conditioned and con­ strained by social influences arising from a tension between having some genuine personal and social interest in being a serious student of the subject page 2 of 6 M ODELS OF INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT SHAKESPEARE PHYSICAL / FREUD ERIKSON As You Like It BIOL...
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