SocialPsych 9.70 - #HumanDevelopment

G a degree of mastery of the subject matter there is

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Unformatted text preview: nuing normative and mem­ bership performance crises (e.g. trust/mistrust; power/control) an unmistakably increasing sense of belonging, interdependency, involve­ ment, mutuality and goal orientation begins to emerge. (In the context of past 9.70 classes, this has tended to emerge first and for most individu­ als/peers at the level of the study group. At the level of the class-as-a­ whole, intimacy and task orientation are more difficult to achieve; they not only usually take much longer to develop but also are somewhat less strong. Activities become increasingly emotion-laden (meaningful) and the focus of the struggle shifts. Instead of being directed against the process and the leadership, it begins to be increas­ ingly aimed at the attainment of more substantive goals: e.g. a degree of mastery of the subject matter. There is increasing evidence of individual and collective competence; a growing abil­ ity to make plans and to carry them out (albeit not without considerable intellectual and emotional tur...
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