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Unformatted text preview: a tching the progra m, pre pa re some note s for y our re port... S ociobiology: Doing wha t come s Na tura lly? Dire cte d by R obe rt Triv e rs a nd I rv e n De V ore . V ie wing time : 21 minute s. 1976. [I t is a some wha t ga rish a nd e x tre me v e rsion of the a rgume nt.] A ronson, Elliot, e d. "P re judice ." Cha pte r 7 in The S ocia l A nima l. 9th e d. Ne w York , NY: Worth P ublishe rs, 2003, pp. 300­355. I S B N: 9780716759669. P B S "Frontline ." A Cla ss Divide d. P roduce d a nd Dire cte d B y Willia m P e te rs. V ide ota pe , V ie wing time 54 mins. First broa dca st on Frontline Ma rch 26, 1985. 10 2.7 O v e rcoming pre judice a nd discrimina tion "You'v e G ot to be Ta ught": a cquiring a nd a cting on ste re oty pe s This v ide o de a ls with wha t be ga n in 1968 a s a n I owa e le me nta ry school te a che r's ide a for a cla ssroom "e x pe rime nt" inte nde d to te a ch he r a ll­white a nd re la tiv e ly socioe conomica lly non­diffe re ntia te d stude nts a le sson a bout pre judice , using a se e mingly triv ia l a spe ct of huma n div e rsity (e y e color) a s a ba sis for distinguishing be twe e n two groups. S ome highly instructiv e e x te nsions of the work into othe r institutiona l conte x ts a re a lso de scribe d. Mindwa lk. Dire cte d by B e rnt A ma de us Ca pra . Film, V ie wing time 112 minute s. 1991. Cra sh. Dire cte d by P a ul Ha ggis. Film, V ie wing time 122 minute s. 2005. 11 2.8 Huma ne cologica l susta ina bility a s a socia l psy chologica l proble m: ca n pe rsona l a nd socia l v a lue s coe x ist in a more multidime nsiona lly ha rmonious, more huma ne cologica lly susta ina ble socie ty ? A ronson, E., a nd D. B ridge ma n. "Jigsa w G roups a nd the De se gre ga te d Cla ssroom: I n P ursuit of Common G oa ls." P e rsona lity a nd S ocia l P sychology B ulle tin 5 (1979): 4 3 8 ­4 4 6 . Ca lde r, J. S . "Mobilizing Huma n Ene rgy ....
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