SocialPsych 9.70 - SocialPsychology-Overview&Read

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Unformatted text preview: tty G e nov e se ). Wha t is it lik e for scie ntists in a situa tion in which the ir pe rsona l de sire s to be fa ithful in fulfilling scie ntific, te chnica l a nd socia l re sponsibilitie s is dire ctly contra dicte d by the ir corpora te supe riors e nuncia ting the short te rm orga niza tiona l ("bottom­line ") impe ra tiv e s of the compa ny ? Liv e s a re on the line . Conside r the ca se of the Cha lle nge r Disa ste r, in which one of y our own ­ y our fe llow MI T stude nt, R ona ld McNa ir ­ a nd six othe rs pe rishe d. 6 2.3 Ma ss me dia a nd communica tion; e duca tion a nd indoctrina tion; p r o p a g a nd a a nd pe rsua sion A ronson, Elliot, e d. "Ma ss Communica tion, P ropa ga nda , a nd P e rsua sion." Cha pte r 3 in The S ocia l A nima l. 9th e d. Ne w York , NY: Worth P ublishe rs, 2003, pp. 58­115. I S B N: 9780716759669. Viewings The Corpora tion. Dire cte d by Ma rk A chba r a nd Je nnife r A bbott. Film, V ie wing time 145 minute s. (2000). A ronson, Elliot, e d. "S ocia l Cogn...
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