SocialPsych 9.70 - SocialPsychology-Overview&Read

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Unformatted text preview: 8 2.5 Ev a lua tion: "Us a nd The m": justify ing ourse lv e s a nd judging othe rs (both a s indiv idua ls a nd colle ctiv itie s) a ttributiona l bia se s, socia liza tion a nd se lf justifica tion Murra y , B ridge t. "Film Criticize d a s I rre sponsible ." Monitor on P sychology 33, no. 3 (Ma rch 2002). I n 2001, a group of G e rma n mov ie ­ma k e rs, a ppa re ntly se e k ing to ca pita lize on "the re a lity TV " a spe ct of the S ta nford study , ma de a mov ie "a da pta tion" of it full of gra tuitous se x a nd v iole nce . I n this We b site , Z imba rdo re sponde d to the distortions inv olv e d. O she row, N. "A n A na ly sis of Jone stown." 1978. I n Nov e mbe r 1978, close to 1000 me mbe rs of a se ttle me nt in G uy a na , unde r the dire ction of the R e v e re nd Jim Jone s, fe d a poison­la ce d drink to the ir childre n a nd dra nk it the mse lv e s. The ir bodie s we re found ly ing toge the r, a rm in a rm. How cou...
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