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Unformatted text preview: a l P re ssure ." S cie ntific A me rica n 193, no. 5 (1955): 17­26. V a ria ble s tha t incre a se d a nd de cre a se d conformity in A sch's e x pe rime nt we re group composition, una nimity , prior commitme nt, se lf e ste e m, cultura l diffe re nce s, ta sk difficulty /comple x ity ... A dditiona l note s on A sch a rticle (P DF) Jone s, S . You Will Do A s Dire cte d. Milgra m, S ta nle y . "The P e rils of O be die nce ( P DF)." Ha rpe r's Ma ga zine , 1974. We ha v e be e n he re be fore . (The Milgra m Ex pe rime nt) but this time we ta k e a de e pe r look a t how socia l influe nce s induce conformity in v a rious conte x ts. We ha v e a lre a dy se e n how re a dy , willing a nd a ble pe ople a re to a bjure the ir own re sponsibility a nd obe y dire ctions from "re sponsible " a nd oste nsibly le gitima te a ca de mic/profe ssiona l a uthoritie s. 5 2.2 S e lf a nd socie ty : socia l norm; conformity a nd de v ia nce Viewings The Wa ve . Dire cte d by A le x a nde r G ra ssh...
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