SocialPsych 9.70 - SocialPsychology-Overview&Read

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Unformatted text preview: ze ourse lv e s into a colla bora tiv e le a rning sy ste m tha t e na ble s us to pursue some common le a rning goa ls without re sorting to de ce ption. A dditiona l note s on A ronson te x t (P DF) Viewings The Huma n B e ha vior Ex pe rime nts. Dire cte d by A le x G ibne y . Film, V ie wing time 58 minute s. 2006. Milgra m, S . O be die nce to A uthority. Copy right 1965, re ne we d 1993 A Milgra m. Distribute d by The P e nnsy lv a nia S ta te Univ e rsity Me dia S a le s. (B la ck ­a nd­white film of the e x pe rime nt, shot by Milgra m.) V ide ota pe , V ie wing time 51 mins. I n this origina l film Milgra m docume nts the a ctua l pa rticipa nts in a se ssion of the fa mous e x pe rime nt. I n unit 2.2 we will re turn to a conside ra tion of the e x pe rime nta l de ta ils. For pre se nt purpose s we wa nt to focus on the study a s a ra the r e x tre me but not a ty pica l e x a mple of e x pe rime nta l socia l psy chologica l studie s ba se d on a v e rsion of the mode rn scie ntific la bora tory mode l tha t re quire s the e x pe rime nte rs to e nga ge in de ce ption of the e x pe rime nta l subje cts a nd fa il to obta in fully informe d conse nt of pa rticipa nts. Chorov e r. "P a ra digms Lost a nd...
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