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Fromg e ne sistog e nocide the me a ningofhuma n na

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Unformatted text preview: ld such a tra ge dy occur? The ima ge sof a n e ntire community de stroy ing itse lf, of pa re nts k illing the ir own childre n, a ppe a rs incre dible . The me dia storie s a bout the e v e nt a nd full­color picture s of the sce ne docume nte d some of its horror. He re , a socia l psy chologist e nde a v ors to illumina te the ca use s a nd to e x pla in the proce sse s tha t le d to the de a ths. Doe s this e v e nt te a ch us a ny thing of conte mpora ry re le v a nce ? Z imba rdo, P . R e sponse to the G e rma n Mov ie "A da pta tion" of The S ta nford P rison Ex pe rime nt. A ronson, Elliot, e d. "Huma n A ggre ssion." Cha pte r 6 in The S ocia l A nima l. 9th e d. Ne w York , NY: Worth P ublishe rs, 2003, pp. 252­299. I S B N: 9780716759669. I n A ronson's v ie w, how is a ggre ssion be st de fine d?... A dditiona l note s on the A ronson te x t (P DF) A me rica n A ca de my O f P e dia trics, Committe e on P ublic Educa tion. "Me dia V iole nce ." P e dia trics 108, no. 5 (Nov e mbe r 2001): 1222­1226. The cla ssic study of the influe ntia l e ffe cts of TV v iole nce on the a ggre ssiv e be ha...
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