SocialPsych 9.70 - SocialPsychology-Overview&Read

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Unformatted text preview: me sca le s (pp. 41­55) in "Compa ring a nd Contra sting S cie ntific P a ra digms." Ta ble in Home work ­ A n Environme nta l Lite ra cy P rime r. Ca mbridge , MA : Colla bora tiv e Le a rning S y ste ms. (From the ha rdcopy (Work book ) portion of a n "e le ctronic book " proje ct inte nde d to promote "susta ina bility " in a time of huma n/e cologica l crisis.) 1995. Me lucci, a nd Chorov e r. "K nowle dge a nd Wonde r: B e y ond the Crisis of Mode rn S cie nce ?" I n O ve rcoming the La ngua ge B a rrie r: P roble ms of I nte rdisciplina ry Dia logue . Edite d by R . G . Flowe r, T. F. G ordon, N. K ole nda , a nd L. S oude r. P roce e dings of a n inte rna tiona l roundta ble me e ting, sponsore d by the Ce nte r for Frontie r S cie nce s a t Te mple Univ e rsity Ma y 14­17, 1998, pp. 76­90. I S B N: 9780963327215. Viewings Mindwa lk. Dire cte d by B e rnt A ma de us Ca pra . Film, V ie wing time 112 minute s. 1991. Phas e 2: Co llabo rative inquiry phas e ­ part 1 Ha ndout 4: "H...
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