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G la nce throughthe re sttry ingtoge tsome ide a

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Unformatted text preview: he de ta ile d sy lla bus for this cla ss se ssion. G la nce through the re st, try ing to ge t some ide a of wha t lie s a he a d . A ronson, Elliot, e d. "Front Ma tte r" (pp. i­x iii); "Front Ma tte r" (pp. 430­ 512); Cha pte r 1 (pp. 1­11); Cha pte r 9 (pp. 404­429) in The S ocia l A nima l. 9th e d. Ne w York , NY: Worth P ublishe rs, 2003. I S B N: 9780716759669. Note the numbe r of the a uthor's publica tions a nd the ra nge of his inte re sts. Che ck out the de dica tion a nd the ta ble of conte nts; re a d the a uthor's P re fa ce : "Why I Wrote this B ook ", a nd A ck nowle dgme nts. R e fle ct on the me a ning to y ou of the e pigra m tha t A ronson borrows from A ristotle 's P olitics. A dditiona l note s on A ronson te x t (P DF) Milgra m, S ta nle y . "The P e rils of O be die nce ." Ha rpe r's Ma ga zine , 1974. This te x t (which a ppe a re d in Ha rpe r's Ma ga zine ­ y e a r is not ce rta in) is a bridge d a nd a da pte d from O be die nce to A uthority by S ta nle y Milgra m, 1974. I n it, Milgra m...
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