SocialPsych 9.70 - SocialPsychology-Overview&Read

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Unformatted text preview: ition." Cha pte r 4 in The S ocia l A nima l. 9th e d. Ne w York , NY: Worth P ublishe rs, 2003, pp. 116­179. I S B N: 9780716759669. http://oc du/c our se s/br a in- a nd- c ognitive - sc ie nc e s/9- 70- soc ia l- psyc hology- spr ing- 2009/r e a dings/ 2/5 2/8/2014 Re a dings | Soc ia l Psyc hology | Br a in a nd Cognitive Sc ie nc e s | MI T Ope nCour se W a r e 9780716759669. A sh, C., e t a l. "Liv ing in S ocie tie s." S cie nce 317, no. 5843 (2007). S pe cia l S e ction, pp. 1291, 1293, 1301, 1307, 1308, 1310, 1321, 1326­29, 1337­ 1354, 1360­1366, 1402­1405. Crowe , B e ry l. The Tra ge dy of The Common R e visite d. 1969. R e printe d in Ha rdin, G a rre tt, a nd John B a de n. Ma na ging the Commons. Ne w York , NY: W.H. Fre e ma n, 1977. I S B N: 9780716704768. Ha rdin's cla ssic a rticle pose s some e sse ntia l socio­psy chologica l que stions a bout a ttitude s towa rd e cologica l issue s... (P DF) 7 2.4 S ocia l cognition: be lie fs, v a lue s a nd pra ctice s in huma n s...
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