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Unformatted text preview: v ior of childre n, "The Effe cts of O bse rv ing V iole nce " by L. B e rk owitz, wa s publishe d in S cie ntific A me rica n in 1964. S ince the n, nume rous a uthorita tiv e inquirie s ha v e confirme d his ba sic findings a nd dra wn a dditiona l a tte ntion to the proble m. A we ll­ docume nte d re ce nt e x a mple is the Nov e mbe r 2001 re port of the Committe e on P ublic Educa tion of the A me rica n A ca de my of P e dia trics. The se following two te x ts pre se nt a contra sting v ie w... 9 2.6 V iole nce : "I n O ur G e ne s?" biologica l de te rminism (lik e wise pov e rty , ra cism a nd crime ?) is it just "Huma n Na ture ?" O r is "huma n na ture " just a Chorov e r, S . L. From G e ne sis to G e nocide : The Me a ning of Huma n Na ture a nd the P owe r of B e ha vior Control. Ca mbridge , MA : MI T P re ss, 1980, pp. 1­ 10, 77­109, a nd 135­174, cha pte rs 1, 5, a nd 7. I S B N: 9780262530392. S ociobiology S tudy G roup of B oston, e d. B iology a s a S ocia l We a pon. Minne a polis, MN: B urge ss, 1977. http://oc du/c our se s/br a in- a nd- c ognitive - sc ie nc e s/9- 70- soc ia l- psyc hology- spr ing- 2009/r e a dings/ 3/5 2/8/2014 Re a dings | Soc ia l Psyc hology | Br a in a nd Cognitive Sc ie nc e s | MI T Ope nCour se W a r e "huma n na ture " just a use ful socia l e x cuse for the othe rwise ine x cusa ble ? A dditiona l note s (P DF) Viewings Your...
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