SocialPsych 9.70 - SocialPsychology-Overview&Read

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Unformatted text preview: off. V ide ota pe , V ie wing time 46:30 minute s. 1981. I t is importa nt he re to re mind y ou to monitor y our own a ttitude s a nd ta k e the ir influe nce into a ccount: I n the 1970s film, The Wa ve , y ou a re not the y oung pe ople be ing more or le ss unwittingly dra wn by the ir te a che r into a n informa l "e x pe rime nt" in socia l influe nce . The re a re obv ious diffe re nce s be twe e n the m a nd y ourse lv e s (e .g. in a ge , conte x t, dre ss a nd de portme nt, ba ck ground, e tc). The se diffe re nce s might be the re a son why y ou would wa nt to re fra in from ide ntify ing with the m a nd the ir pre dica me nt... A dditiona l note s on The Wa ve (P DF) P a rt 1: The Cha lle nge r Disa ste r. S cie ntists, Engine e rs a nd P ublic Controv e rsie s. Dire cte d by C. Wie ne r. V ide ota pe , V ie wing time 6:30 mins. A ronson discusse s the ide a tha t we ca n unde rsta nd the be ha v ior of "uninv olv e d by sta nde rs" a s a n insta nce of conformity (e .g. The Ca se of K i...
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