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5hadconvictions noncriminalbiologicalatleast1

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Unformatted text preview: s How much is due to genetics? How much to environmental factors? Twin Studies Twin Identical twins (MZ) 100% shared Fraternal twins (DZ) 50% shared Just like other siblings Importance? Environment becomes a control Finds support for delinquency and selecting of friends Problems? Methods, sampling, return rates; how much are twins treated the same? ADOPTION STUDIES ADOPTION Perhaps one way to gage biology’s influence is to: Look at children born of same parents but raised apart Mednick’s study – 14,427 adpoted boys Non­criminal biological parents OR adoptive parents – 13.5% had convictions Non­criminal biological & at least 1 adoptive parent criminal resulted in 14.7% At least 1 biological parent and non­ adoptive –20% At least 1 of each – 24.5% How much does environment impact this? These studies have methodological problems… Methodological Problems Methodological How is crime defined – type of behavior included; using incarcerated mothers; etc Varying amounts of time spent with biological paren...
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  • Spring '14
  • Cesare Lombroso, TOTAL CRIMINAL POPULATION, EARNEST A. HOOTON, EVOLUTINARY THROW BACKS, Non­criminal biological parents

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