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Unformatted text preview: N; ALSO MORE EXTREME VARIATIONS OF EAR PROTRUSION, AND THE CRIMINAL EAR TENDS TO BE SMALL. LOW AND SLOPING FOREHEADS, LONG, THIN NECKS, AND SLOPING SHOULDERS, ARE SIMILARLY IN EXCESS AMONG CRIMINALS IN COMPARISONS WITH CIVILIANS. Why the appeal? Why “tall thin men, he claimed, tended to be murderers and robbers, whereas tall heavy men, besides killing, were also prone to forgery and fraud.” (Curran & Renzetti pg.34­35) Look at Hooton’s book Why Men Behave like Apes and Vice Versa (1940) What is Wrong? What Look at control group Look at how crime is defined Who are in Institutions William Sheldon William Somatotyping VARIOUS BOOKS FROM 1936­1954 DEVELOPED BASED ON TISSUE LAYERS, EM...
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  • Spring '14
  • Cesare Lombroso, TOTAL CRIMINAL POPULATION, EARNEST A. HOOTON, EVOLUTINARY THROW BACKS, Non­criminal biological parents

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