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Syllabus LAW 723 winter2013

If you do not it is considered plagiarism submitting

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Unformatted text preview: learning in the classroom and seriously diminish the educational experience for other students. Such behavior includes the following: ü༏ habitual or noisy late arrival, holding private conversations during class, monopolizing class discussion or disrupting the class in any way. If you engage in behavior that is discourteous to other students in the classroom, you may be required to leave the classroom. ü༏ Laptop computers used for non- classroom activities are distracting to other students, speakers and your instructor. Students who do so will be asked to leave the classroom for the rest of that class and will be prohibited from bringing their laptop to class for the remainder of the semester. Cell phones, recorders and other electronic devices may not be used in class except with the express permission of the instructor. 5 ü༏ ü༏ ü༏ Texting during class is conduct deserving of sanction and if repeated, removal from the class. Turn your phone off to avoid the temptation or the seduction of the flashing red light. Unless worn for religious purposes, all head dress (hats / skull caps / scarfs) must be removed during class. If you arrive late do not saunter across the front of the class and the professor oblivious to what is going on. If the classroom set up necessitates walking across the line of sight of the professor, then a quick verbal apology is required for the tardy and disruptive entrance. • • • • • • • • Please note that violation of any of the above rules may be considered an “offence” under Student Code of...
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