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Syllabus LAW 723 winter2013

These are not grounds for appeal but are matters for

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Unformatted text preview: a medical certificate (see www.ryerson.ca/senate/forms/medical.pdf for the certificate) to their program office within 3 working days of the missed assignment deadline, test or examination. The program office will notify the instructor that the documents have been received. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with instructor for a make up exam. 4 Religious observance – While it is strongly encouraged that students make requests within the first two weeks of class, requests for accommodation of specific religious or spiritual observance must be presented to their program office no later than two weeks prior to the conflict in question (in the case of final examinations within two weeks of the release of the examination schedule). The student must submit a Request for Accommodation form (http://www.ryerson.ca/senate/forms/relobservforminstr.pdf) to their program office. The office will notify the instructor when they have received the request form. o Other requests for Academic Consideration which are not related to medical or religious observation must be submitted in writing together with the Academic Consideration form to the student’s program office. The letter must clearly state the reasons for the request and describe the events or circumstances that seriously impair the student’s ability to meet their academic obligations, and that were beyond the student’s control. When possible, supporting documentation must be attached to the letter. The office will notify the instructor when they have received...
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