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Syllabus LAW 723 winter2013

Turn your phone off to avoid the temptation or the

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Unformatted text preview: the request. o Students with disabilities - In order to facilitate the academic success and access of students with disabilities, these students should register with the Access Centre www.ryerson.ca/accesscentre/. Before the first graded work is due, students should also inform their instructor through an “Accommodation Form for Professors” that they are registered with the Access Centre and what accommodations are required. o Regrading or recalculation – These requests must be made to the instructor within 10 working days of the return of the graded assignment to the class. These are not grounds for appeal, but are matters for discussion between the student and the instructor. Submission of the Academic Consideration form and all supporting documentation to your program office does not relieve you of the responsibility to NOTIFY YOUR INSTRUCTOR of the problem as soon as it arises, and to contact with the instructor again after the documents have been submitted in order to make the appropriate arrangements. If you do not have a justifiable reason for an absence and/or have not followed the procedure described above, you will not be given credit or marks for the work missed during that absence. o • • For more detailed information on these issues, please refer to Senate Policy 134 at (Undergraduate Academic Consideration and Appeals) and Senate Policy 150 (Accommodation of Student Religious Observance Obligations). Both can be found at www.ryerson.ca/senate/policies/. Professional Behaviour and Academic Integrity • Certain forms of classroom behavior are not conducive to co- operative...
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