Syllabus LAW 723 winter2013

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Unformatted text preview: plagiarized, the instructor shall be permitted to submit that work to any plagiarism detection service. POLICIES AND COURSE PRACTICES Policies and Course Practices Course Management Every effort will be made to manage the course as stated. However, adjustments may be necessary during the term at the discretion of the instructor. If so, students will be advised, and alterations will be discussed prior to implementation. Students will be informed of any alterations through email and/or announcements on Blackboard. Academic Consideration • Students must submit assignments on time and write all tests and exams as scheduled. • Assignments submitted for grading will be handed back within two weeks except for the final exam. • There will be no penalty for work missed for a justifiable reason. Students need to inform the instructor of any situation that arises during the semester that may have an adverse affect on their academic performance, and request any necessary considerations according to the policies and well in advance. Failure to do so will jeopardize any academic appeals. • Except in cases of accommodations for disabilities, where documentation is handled directly by the Access Centre, students must fill out an Academic Consideration form and submit it to their own program office. In addition, the following procedures must be followed as well: o Medical certificates – If a student is going to miss a deadline for an assignment, a test or an examination because of illness, he/she must submit...
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