ENT 526 - Exam Review 2012

It provides consumer benets it is not easy for

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Unformatted text preview: ntoring is not personal Principle #2: Not everyone is a player Principle #3: Choice assignments are in short supply Principle #4: Mentoring is a two way street Stealing with Integrity and Pride Everywhere SWIPE Need of Core Competancy? It provides consumer benefits It is not easy for compe7tors It can be leveraged widely to many product and markets What is National Leasing plan for hiring people? Provide training and more training Catch people doing good and celebrate it Align interests between employee and employers 5 Biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make? Having unclear goals and an unclear mission Trying to prove they are smart Greed – just doing it or the money Hiring people they like rather than people they need Not knowing when to let go Sull’s 4 Rule of Going Global Have a clear focus Standardize what maZers Manage Binding Constrains (boZlenecks) Hedge Against Unforeseen Problems (War Chest) Not knowing when to let go 1)  Raymond is the owner of Furton, a start ­up which specializes in winter clothing for pets. His sales have increased tenfold, and he thinks he needs to open a bigger factory. In order to do so, he is willing to sell 20% of Furton to Professor Wise in exchange for $1,000,000. Pre Evalua7on and Post Evalua7on? 2) O’Leary heard Professor Wise talking about the Furton deal on the set of Dragon’s Den. Being a huge fan of animals, O’Leary called Raymond immediately and offered him $400,000 for 10% of the company. Pre Evalua7on and Post...
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