ENT 526 - Exam Review 2012

Mag c i c man ageme nt ma r k e t i g n c what are the

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Unformatted text preview: sts Business Angels Founders and Friends BONUS QUESTION: Where do you go for less than $100,000? MAG c I C MAN AGEME NT MA R K E T I G N c What are the 6 Timeless Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship? Be a Clock Builder not a 0me teller: Shi5 from being a great product visionary to crea0ng a great organiza0on Build a Core Ideology Create a sense of purpose Build a cultlike culture go beyond value statements Embrace the Genius Build your core and s0mulate progress. Fundamentals and experimenta0on Provide stability and chaos Use BHAGs, experimenta0on, & con0nuous improvement Homegrow your managers BoKom up approach 4 Characteristics of a good opportunity? AZrac7ve Timely Durable Value Add What is a Level 5 Executive? Combination of personal humility and professional will Ques7on: What are the 4 phases of the Scurve? And what are they based on? Closure Execu7ng and Controlling Planning Ini7a7on Theory of how, why, and at that rate new ideas and technology spread through cultures Diffusion of Innovation Three theories to explain how people can become leaders: (1) Trait – People are born with it (2) Great Events – Crisis brings out the leadership qualities (3) Transformation – choose to become a leader What are the three dimensions of your Personal Hedgehog? (1) What are you deeply passionate about (2) What can you be the best in the world at (3) what drives your economic engine Red ocean and/or Blue ocean? What is Positional vs Personal Power? Posi0onal is external to you – it is a job 7tle, fancy car, etc. Personal– People follow you because of your character What are the 7 P’s Product Pitch People Placement Proposal Pain Plan 4 Reasons why mentoring matters in hypercompetitive world Principle #1: Me...
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