July 19 notes - July 19, 2006 • • Baroque Period...

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July 19, 2006 Baroque Period (1600-1750; Bach) o Means “irregularly shaped pearl” in Portuguese o Elaborate, ornate, details, fancy, extravagant o Originally applied only to art and architecture o Historical developments Colonies founded by England, Spain, and Portugal o Patronage important in music o Society Absolutism – one way, the way of the king, absolute rule, divine right to rule (Louis XIV) o Science and philosophical advances o Methodically planned out beauty Music planned out thoroughly Operas Accompaniment for solos Structured Tuning became regulated (same as today) Equal temperament “key” element becomes more important More color/variety Music – more specialization o Extreme ornamentation in melody o Trills became popular – fluctuate between half steps o Turns/mordents – like a trill o Not always written in music o Sequence – series of notes that repeat at different pitch level Expanded pieces o Base lines more important/prominent
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July 19 notes - July 19, 2006 • • Baroque Period...

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