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July 25 notes - o Started studying with father until the...

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July 25, 2006 The Four Seasons – Vivaldi o Spring – happy, well known o Summer – slow, lazy, delirium from heat, texture tells story o Fall – peasant dance/drinking song (chromaticism), 3 movements (drinking, passing out, hunt – showcases solo violin) o Winter – frostbite, ice skating/slipping Johann Khunau (1660-1722) o Lawyer, composer, organist o German o Bach predecessor o St. Thomas church (Thomaskirche) Canter – compose, teach, conduct, sing, and play well o Programmatic music – tells stories in music Old Testament stories with 1 keyboard instrument The 6 Biblical Sonatas (1700) J.S. Bach (1685-1750) o German composer o Considered out of style at death o Death marks end of Baroque period o Long line of musicians from the 16 th to 18 th centuries in family o Last name synonymous with “town musician” o 4 sons went on to be musicians
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Unformatted text preview: o Started studying with father until the age of 10, father died Sent to study keyboard with brother (learned organ and harpsichord) o Sang in church choir o By 1703 – career as organist/violinist in Arnstudt at a court o Married his cousin in 1707 o 1708 – organist and chamber musician for Duke of Sax-Weimar 1708-1717 – wrote most of his organ compositions Has 7 children (ends up at 12 after he remarries) o 1717 – moves to Cothen Calvinist court Wrote lots of secular/instrumental music Wrote Book I of The Well Tempered Clavier • Well tempered = well tuned, tuning becoming standard • Clavier = keyboard o 1722 – applies for Khunau’s job Gets it in 1723 after 2 others turned it down Stays here for the rest of his life...
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