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Number each step 1 send n8 elements from p0 to each

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Unformatted text preview: : write 104 Hit Shared Invalid Shared Modified P0: read 100 Miss Invalid Shared Modified Invalid P1: read 100 Miss Shared Shared Invalid Shared P0: write 100 Hit Shared Modified Shared Invalid P1: read 104 Miss Modified Invalid Invalid Shared 8 Question 5: Parallel decomposition [10 points]. A message ­passing multiprocessor will be used to count the number of zeroes in a very large array (size N). The array is initially in P0’s memory, and there are 8 processors in total. It takes X cycles to send/receive A array elements, and it takes Y cycles to do a comparison. Assume that: • N is a multiple of A • Sending fewer than A elements still takes X cycles • The time to increment the counter is negligible. (a) What is the algorithm for parallelizing this computation? Number each step. (1) Send N/8 elements from P0 to each of P1…P7 (2) In parallel, have each processor count the number of...
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