Summary & Review Questions Chapter 10

Summary& Review Questions Chapter 10

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Unformatted text preview: ce 5 3 18 13 9 14 21 24. Construct the tree. 6) * Given a pointer to a node N in a binary search tree and a key x, you are to write a procedure that finds outputs the node in the subtree rooted at N that contains the smallest key larger than x. If such a node does not exist, it should a NULL pointer. Example: Consider the binary search tree shown below. If n is the node containing 7, and x is 4 (or 4.7), the output should be the node containing 5. If x = 8, NULL pointer should be returned. 7) The following recursive procedure takes as input a binary tree node T, and answers true (false) if T represents (does not represent) a binary search tree. D...
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