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Unformatted text preview: e left and the right subtree of the root. 13) What is the smallest (largest) number of nodes in a heap of height 6? What is the height of a heap with 200 nodes? Height is defined as the number of nodes in the longest path from the root to a leaf. Thus the height of a heap with 3 nodes is 2. 14) Exercise 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 15) Recall that we presented an algorithm to remove a key at position j (which is also described in the text.) Here is another possible way to remove a key at position j: move the key at A[currentSize] to A[j] and call percolateDown (j). Will this work? If so, prove it. Otherwise, give an example for which it fails. 16) Write a procedure to delete the second smallest key from a min heap. Your procedure should perform only a constant number of additional operations besides calling INSERT or DELETEMIN. (It should return the second smallest key.) What is the complexity of your procedure? 17) Obtain the sum of the following series: a. 1 x 31 + 2 x 32 + 3 X 33 + … + n x 3n b. 21...
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