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10 points example let a be the array drawn as a

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Unformatted text preview: r of keys stored in array A and another integer j, and outputs true (false) if the keys the subtree rooted at node j forms a min-heap. 10 points Example: Let A be the array drawn as a complete tree shown below (with currentSize = 10). If testHeap is called with j = 2, the output should be true, with j = 1, the output should be false. Hint: recursive solution is easier than an iterative one. Solution: checkHeap(int A, int currentSize, int j) { // currentSize is the size of the heap if (2*j > currentSize) return true; if (A[j] > A[2*j]) return false; if (!checkHeap(A, currentSize, 2*j)) return false; if (currentSize <= 2*j + 1) { if (A[j] > A[2*j+1]) return false; else return che...
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