Exam 3- 2011

Consider the following unsorted list breakfast coffee

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Unformatted text preview: Using the bonuses dictionary, print that employee’s total salary. For a given employee: Total salary = base salary + bonus (if any). CS 115 Exam 3, Fall 2011 Page 3 of 11 Problem 2: 15 points. Consider the following unsorted list: breakfast = ['coffee', 'pancakes', 'waffles', 'juice', 'banana', 'yogurt', 'cereal', 'bacon', 'toast', 'donuts'] and the following selection sort (which is essentially identical to your lab code): def selection_sort(list_to_sort): for i in range(len(list_to_sort) – 1): min_index = find_min_index(list_to_sort[i:]) + i list_to_sort[i], list_to_sort[min_index] = list_to_sort[min_index], list_to_sort[i] def find_min_index(L): return L.index(min(L)) In the diagrams on the next page, show the contents of the 10-element array after each of the first 4 iterations of the for-loop in selection_sort. For your reference, the sorted version of the list appears in Question 3 on the following page. If the list does not change from one iteration to the next, you can write “SAME” for the n...
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