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Be very clear with spacing line breaks etc note the

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Unformatted text preview: 115 Exam 2, Spring 2013 Page 3 of 9 Problem 2: 15 points. What will print to the screen when each of the following snippets of code is executed in IDLE? Be very clear with spacing, line breaks, etc. Note: the parts of this problem are independent. For all parts of this problem, assume that the following functions have been defined. def f1( ): return 6 def f2(x): return x / 2 def f3(s): return (s == s.upper()) def f4(x, y): return f2(y) + x (a) print(f1()) (b) print(f4(6, 30)) (c) if f3("JANUARY"): a = f2(6) else: a = f2(100) print(a) CS 115 Exam 2, Spring 2013 Page 4 of 9 Problem 3: Defining functions (40 points) Define functions to perform the following tasks. Keep in mind the following: • Your functions should NOT ask the user for input. • Your functions should NOT print anything. • Your functions should NOT call sys.exit() to terminate the program. (a) Define a function called perim_sq that… • has one parameter: the side length of a square • returns the perimeter of the square. (b) Define a function called contains_q that… • has one input parameter: a string • returns True if the string contain...
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